Pearlyana Fields: The Drawer

Junior Pearlyana Fields puts on some lo-fi music to set the mood, gets the Procreate App loaded, and begins to meticulously adjust and add to their ever-expanding character base. Fields is making strides to bring new meaning as to how to create more uniquely impactful characters in fiction.  

 Fields dedication to the craft came early. “I started really liking art when I was 6 years old, I used to have this art class, we got to create our own thing and I was really into that, I’d draw things I appreciated like my friends and my dogs” Fields said. “Using my own creativity to create something that was personal to me; my own product.” Fields attachment to the arts came so young, that the process now comes off as second nature. 

 Fields creative inspirations are unique, notably taking away from Japanese animes like RWBY and Fairy Tail, as well as American animated series’ like She-Ra, Winx Club, Bee and PuppyCat, and Steven Universe. These distinguishing cross-cultural influences leave Fields with a style of creation all to their own. Fields further distinguishes their art with they see to be currently popular on Instagram. “Some of them have a more sharp and pointy style, and somewhat of a grainy look ,” They said. “What differentiates my art is that I like to use a lot of bright colors, my style is soft and round.”   

 The true resilience of Fields’ creative process comes from their character development. They heavily consider which traits would form strong bonds and how characters could build off each other when designing characters. They cite an example from one of their fictional worlds. “There’s Andrew, someone who is a big rule-follower and very honorable, contrasting with Sun, who has their own moral code and who always tries to do what’s right even if it goes against the rules. While they contrast each other, they both share that honor aspect tying them together,” They said. Fields’ thoughtful considerations when designing characters creates group dynamics with value deeper than surface level. 

 Fields also makes active attempts to add POC representation in character groups. This can be seen best in their development of one of their favorite characters, Tina. “She’s a princess, I’ve been trying to perfect her design for a while because I want to make her look regal and beautiful,” they said. “I haven’t seen too many black princesses in the media, so I want to represent her since I’m personally half-black myself, she’s an important factor in a story I’m working on.”  

 Fields’ artistic hopes for the future are to follow in the footsteps of their idols and become an animator. “Theres this animator named James Baxter, he just makes everything look so beautiful and flow smooth, If I could ever animate on his level, I’d be so happy for that to happen.”