Matthias Embry: The Music Producer

Sitting at the back of the class Freshmen Matthias Embry silently recites lyrics from his favorite artist, J, Cole.  

 Averaging over 18 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify ‘@M.E’ continues to get his music out there. Embry produces music from his PC, using his creativity, friends who rap using his creativity, friends who rap and sing and an internal melody.  

Embrys music is similar to that of the background music you would hear while watching an add for a new game coming out, or music you and your best friend would listen to while looking at the stars. The vocals in Embrys songs really add to the amazing pieces he creates. One of Embrys most popular songs ‘I fade away’ averages over 200 thousand listens and features underground artists like Tulips Ballad, and CAT DAD. 

His fascination with producing music began in early 2000’s, he spent most of his time listening to artists like T-pain, Akon, and Justin Bieber to name a few. “When I was finally old enough to understand how music worked, I listened to ‘Recess’ by Skrillex” he said. “That’s when my interest in music production peaked. Skrillex is and electronic music producer that Embry has been a huge fan of for a while.  

Among Skrillex, Embry has a list of music producers who have become mentors to him: J.ColeSadboyProlific, Raspy, and his parents who have supported his decision to produce music. The artist SadBoyProlific is a Music producer that Embry makes music with. “He’s motivated and inspired me to make music.” he said.  

 Lacking a proper process to make his music, Embry continues to leave his listeners wanting more. “I just sort of make music when I’m inspired,” he said. “Over the years I’ve just learned things by experimenting.”. Embry likes to describe himself as an extrovert although he does not like to talk to everyone. Embrys “go with the flow” attitude when it comes to the music makes his connection with it feel more like a hobby rather than a job. Embry likes to describe himself as an extrovert although he does not like to talk to everyone.