I’Aissa Jenkins and Aaliyah Anderson “The Two Pretty Best Friends”

With their arms interlocking, best friends juniors I’Aissa Jenkins and Aaliyah Anderson stroll through the hallways, most likely laughing at the trouble they got into over the weekend. The duo met sophomore year and never would have thought they would be best friends today.  

 Jenkins and Anderson met in Ty Davis’ biology class sophomore year. They had mutual friends but didn’t automatically click. 

  Jenkins and Anderson didn’t think highly of each other when they first met “When I first met I’Aissa, I thought she was stuck up because people were telling me that, Anderson said. “It wasn’t until I actually got to know her that I found out she was really cool.” 

  Jenkins didn’t think highly of Anderson either. “When I first met Aaliyah I thought she was a little wild because she’s a preachers daughter,” Jenkins said. “And I knew all preachers kids are wild. 

 Jenkins let the rumors she heard about Andeson clowded her judgement before she actually met her. “There were some rumors about Aaliyah that were going around, really bad rumors and I didn’t want to be friends with someone who was doing this that and the third,” Jenkins said. “Once Aaliyah and I started talking more I found out those rumors were lies.” Jenkins and Anderson began talking more in class and it wasn’t until the summer that the two declared themselves best friends.  

 Jenkins and Anderson would go out to eat with family or by themselves or even splurge at the nearest mall. “We like to go out, we like to spend money,” Jenkins said. “we’re bougie or whatever you want to call it.”  

 Jenkins favorite experience out would have to be the day she met Anderson’s parents for the first time. “I got to meet Aaliyahs mom and dad, they were funny and genuine,” she said “we ended up walking around the mall after that.”  

 Since Jenkins and Anderson became closer, they have majorly impacted each other’s lives. “I’Aissa showed me that I don’t have to be a negative nancy all the time,” Anderson said. “Ive started being careful of what I say to people, she brings out the outgoing side of me.” Prior to meeting Jenkins, Anderson would have few verbal and physical altercations with students. Since then, Anderson has become more aware of the things she says to people and how her words may create problems. 

 Jenkins mentioned how having girl best friends in the past has caused her to be more careful of the people she calls family. “My last best friend did some shady stuff so I didn’t want a best friend anymore but Aaliyah showed otherwise.” Jenkins said. “She showed me that you can’t let people walk over you, and that there are some situations where you have to stand up for yourself.” Jenkins laid back energy drastically shifted once she met Anderson. She’s broken out of her shell more and learned to stand up for herself.  

Jenkins, in previous years, didn’t have as many friends as she does now. Her advice to people who struggle with makings friends is to find a few friends who you know will always have your back. “If you find yourself a few good friends who will have your back, stick with them,” she said. “don’t switch up.”