The most creative update yet


Kylie Smith

The home screen of co- EIC Kylie Smith’s iPhone, created using features from the new iOS 14 update.

The new iOS 14 update dropped on Sep.16 and it’s one of Apples biggest iOS updates to date. This new update includes home screen design changes, Siri improvements, picture in picture video, inline replies to messages, compact phone calls, a new translation app, and much more. 

 The main feature that I was the most excited about was the customizable widgets and the ability to hide screens. While this is a great new feature, the edit widget button doesn’t include the option to resize the widget once it’s been placed meaning you have to go through the process of deleting the widget in order to make one of a different size. Another feature I found useful is the ability to hide screens. I found that this was a good idea as I have tons of apps I don’t use and I’m tired of looking at. When I do need them, I can scroll all the way to the right to the app library and access the apps without them taking up another home page.  

 Siri has also been redesigned to where the voice assistant no longer takes up the entire display. instead, it will instead appear as banners that appear at the top of the screen the voice assistant can also send audio messages. I never really understood why Siri needed to take up the whole screen and felt that the voice to text option never came out so having the ability to send voice messages is a great thing because you don’t have to worry about your message coming out completely wrong.  

 One long-awaited feature for many iPhone users, including myself, is the picture in picture feature, which allows for you to watch a movie, show or video on a small section of the screen while navigating other apps on your device. I find that being able to watch Netflix while scrolling through social media is one thing that was mainly missing from iPhones. Having to switch between watching a movie and answering messages on Instagram is a pain for me because by the time I finished answering messages I have missed most of what was going on during the movie. Since this feature is new, it only is supported by a few apps including Netflix, Podcasts, Safari, iTunes, Facetime and Apple TV.  

 Two things that I always found annoying with past updates were that they never included the ability to reply directly to texts in a thread format and incoming calls taking up the whole screen. This new update resolves both of these annoyances, as phone calls now show up at the top of the screen as a banner. You can now hold down on a text message and then choose reply which will then show the original message in a different color so that you can keep track of the thread. 

 Another notable feature is apples new translation app which can work offline and can translate in 11 languages. The built-in translation app has a simple and easy to use interface, allowing you to easily switch between languages. The app also has the option to paste/type text or speak and have it translated. The best part of the new translation app is that it will read out translations which can help those who speak another language and it can also help you learn proper pronunciation. These features can come in handy when doing homework for foreign language classes such as Spanish and French.  

 Overall the iOS 14 update came with many new design elements and is by far one of the best updates to date the updates new features lead to a cleaner home screen and overall better iPhone experience.