Teachers are using Instagram

With the traditional way of going to school changing drastically this year, teachers still strive to engage and inform their students outside of the classroom or in some cases the zoom call. “Her Instagram page affects me in a good way…she’s very positive” said Tyreana Gordon (10) is a student of Andrea Lewis. Caliana Rossiter (11) mentioned “Ms. Rivers Instagram gives me peace of mind when I’m stressed”

Sallie Rivers, a, second-year math teacher understands that children rarely have time for themselves, which is why most of her Instagram posts are related to yoga,” to help the mind rest” Rivers said.

Her love for yoga and the idea of making an Instagram page prompted the username @hhs.mathandyoga. “I started this page last year because I knew all my student’s teachers were flooding Edsby with assignments, I also know students are on their phones 24/7. It just made sense to post the homework on both Instagram and Edsby” Rivers said. She also went on to express how important relaxing your mind is.

“I love making my students turn in videos of them doing yoga. Although they think it’s an easy A, I’m helping them destress,” she said. Rivers shares how crucial success is to students. ‘To those who plan on going to college and those who have other plans,’ Rivers reveals ”Math is everywhere and the better you understand math the easier questions in life will be to answer” Mrs. Rivers hopes that not only can her Instagram account help her students, but she hopes that she can create an impact on their lives.

Andrea Lewis is a new English Language Arts teacher at Hillsborough and is determined to build a great relationship with her students. “In order for learning to happen students have to trust you and know you care for them” Lewis said.  “Without the relationship effective teaching cannot happen” said Lewis.

Although she likes to focus on building a relationship with her students, she still tries her hardest to make sure everyone is informed on class assignments as well. Lewis uses Remind and Instagram to engage all her students. “I use two forms to engage all my learners so there is always a backup plan when canvas does not work,” she said.

Lewis’s use of her Instagram account has helped her grow closer to her students; their bond is more reliable. ”My students always reach out to me with any problems they face with canvas” she adds ”I try my hardest to help them of course.”