E-Learning is the way to go


This summer, families in Hillsborough County were asked “would you like your child to return to school?” Instead I read it as “would you like to have your child bring home a deadly virus?” After a very short discussion with my mother, I proudly chose e-learning. 

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy being around my friends, of course I do, but I had to think of the other people in my life, the people that work that is. My brother works for a Warehouse and if he gave COVID to all the other employees, you could go ahead and tell your mother her new Whirlpool fridge is going to have to wait. 

According to the National Womens Health Network, COVID can become particularly fatal to those ages 80 and older.  This means some teachers are at risk. Teachers have also voiced their concerns that they would like to teach from the comfort of their home. Based on the information Covid.cdc.org provided, Florida has over 600,000 cases of Coronavirus infections, but don’t worry we aren’t the number one state. California quickly took that spot away from us, now we’re second. All over social media I see people having huge parties with not one mask in sight. With that knowledge, the fact that school still opened confuses me because if the threat of the state cutting the amount of money they give the schools scares the school board so much, do the lives of their students even matter? 

 I have to admit my stress levels have decreased since I stopped leaving my house for work, when I did have a job it was toward the beginning of the whole pandemic so not everyone in the drive through would wear masks. I used to work at McDonalds and they really didn’t take the whole pandemic seriously, until recently. I had to bring my own hand sanitizer and other employees would ask to use it because they didn’t have any in the store. If an employee wanted to keep their hands clean, they would have to go all the way to the kitchen just to wash their hands, that would take longer and could cause things to get slower. I really couldn’t voice my opinion because what could I do? I’m surely not going to buy hand sanitizer for every employee.

 Staying in my home since April has made the whole “coronacation” enjoyable because I’ve gotten time to myself; I go from Netflix to YouTube to Tiktok all day every day. Im living my best life at home honestly and sometimes I even forget that there’s a global pandemic happening on the other side of my door.