“Fall Guys” a new Battle Royale favorite

With the coronavirus forcing people to stay home and stay away from their friends, more people find themselves bored and wanting to do something together while staying socially distant. This causes people to pick up their gaming controller and play more.

With the high demand in games over the past few months, many have been wanting a new and fun game to play with their friends. One game that become popular since it was released is Fall Guys, which is made for PlayStation 4 and PC

Falls Guys has continued the battle royal setup while doing it in its own style. The point of the game is to make it through all the challenges, races, and team competitions to outlast everyone else and be the last one standing. 

The beginning of the games can be repetitive, but the farther in the game you get the more exciting and the harder it gets with the different challenges. 

 The only problem with the game is team games, because you have to depend on random people to help you and half the time they don’t know how to play or they aren’t good at that game mode.

Besides team games, the game is very fun, and you can play with up to three people causing time to fly by. The best part about this game is that it is only $20 on PC or free for those with a PlayStation. Plus, you can pass the time virtually with friends.