News from Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Fla.

Kaylee Robinson

It was a cool evening and the second game of the season, so low brass had a “section dinner” at the Front Porch. Fourteen of us left and drove to the restaurant, yet we were still missing maybe two who were stuck in traffic, so the waitress arrived and told us that we had a party of 14, the tip would be included in the bill. Once everyone arrived, our waitress came back, took our orders and everything seemed to be going fine.

Were were all talking and a group of teachers was seated at the table to the left of us. Our food came out and were all quietly eating while watching the time to ensure we got back in time. It was getting time to leave, so we asked for our bills and paid without second glances at the receipts due to our need to get back to the school before the football game. Little did we know that we would soon be reported to the band director for “inappropriate behavior” and “refusing to pay the bill or tip “by the teachers.

That was my first and last section dinner ever.

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