Akshut Guduru

It was Jan. 23, and we had just pulled up at the place where the FBLA district awards ceremony was going to take place. We took a seat at a table at the right of the stage and waited for our events to be called, while just talking with each other.

One by one, all my friends were called up either receiving first, second or third place, all of which would land us a place in states. They ended up taking a lunch break before they called my category.

During lunch we just sat down and talked how most of us didn’t think we would make it to states as pretty much all of us guessed on all of our tests. But some still had hope as most of the people who also didn’t try got in of the top three places. So, as lunch came to an end, we all just sat back down, and I just kept waiting for my category to be called.

About 15 minutes after lunch they called my category, third place went to a kid from a different school, and that’s when I said, that there’s no way I was making it there but, they called my name for second. This caught me by surprise, so I just went up there and got my award.

On the bus ride back to school we all talked about how we all managed to get a place in states as that was the whole goal. Once we arrived, we started to take pictures for fun, and like 15-20 minutes later we all had to go back to class.

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