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Hillsborough Transportation Tax

The Hillsborough Transportation Tax was passed with nearly 60 percent approval. This means that there will be a one-cent increase in sales tax which will provide for renovations for transportation. According to the Tampa Bay Times, this includes “improv[ing] roads and bridges, expand[ing] public transit options, fix[ing] potholes, enhanc[ing] bus services,” along with other improvements.

Here are some student opinions on the transportation tax: 

“I think that in theory it sounds great and would be especially beneficial to those who commute. It almost sounds too good to be, and that as constituents we should remain informed on what exactly it entails and where our money is going. ” senior Michelle Frost said.

“I think it will benefit the people, but since people don’t like paying taxes it may be better not to implement it.” sophomore Thomas Kaw said. 

” I think if executed properly it is a great idea.” senior Brendan Minick said.

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