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How To Study

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Studying is very big when you are in school if you plan on making good grades, so its good to study in a focused way. Motivation is good, but it is not always required. Sometimes, you just have to make yourself complete a task even if you do not feel like it. I think focus is more important.

Tips on Focusing:

  • Break up your studying time. Study in blocks of maximum one hour. The best way to study is by using the Pomodoro Timer and the method goes like this(Repeat as many times as necessary)

Study –> 25 min

Break –> 5 min

Study –> 25 min

Break –> 5 min

Study –> 25 min

Break –> 5 min

Study –> 25 min

Long Break –> 15 min

  • Distractions:

-Turn off your Wifi if you do not need it.

-If you require the Internet and you have a habit of wandering to any other site that has nothing to do with what you are studying, use StayFocused or other website blockers when you are studying…

Falling Asleep? You might want to take a Power Nap (20 min.) Set more than one alarm… Or else, you will be taking a long unexpected ‘’nap’’.

-Hungry? Try to keep some snacks on your desk so you do not have to move… If you are hungry, you might be unfocus. Sometimes, a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate might help?

*I would say, stay away from the energy drink… It does give you energy temporarily.. but, after you become extremely tired. Also, warm milk might make you sleepy.

Music. I believe music is helpful when you have to study. It does depend on what type of music. But, set a playlist or find a playlist on 8tracks/Youtube, so you do not have to constantly use your device in order to switch songs.

*Instrumental music is good, but if you are falling asleep, then temporarily switch to a fast tempo song.

  • Clean up your workspace. It is alright that the desk becomes cluttered when you are studying… but, not before.
  • Plan out what you want to get done today. I would say study maximum 3 subjects in a day. But, if you are the type of person that like to focus on one subject a day then you can do that as well.
  • *In terms of time, aim for about 4 hours of study in a day. You can do more, but after 6+ hours, you will be tired?
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How To Study