Pinterest fails

Several people have attempted the seemingly simple “Do It Yourself” creations Pinterest glorifies, and find the website may be deceiving, more commonly known as; “Pinterest Fails”

Take the popular melted crayon on a canvas:

According to the website all you need is a canvas, a large box of crayons, hot glue a glue stick, newspaper and a blow dryer. I’m not sure how high the setting on their blow dryer was, but all I know is that after nearly 30 minutes of holding my blow dryer on one area, there was not a drop of wax and definitely not the amazing craft displayed all over the internet. After another 20 minutes, I gave up and this was my result.  m

I wanted to see the end result so I attempted to get the same effect with a lighter and while it may look interesting, it does not look like the colorful swirl Pinterest displays.m2

Next on my list of Pinterest fails is the flower letter:

In a similar category is a canvas covered in flowers and while it turned out quite nice, the flowers broke my scissors–so that in itself is a fail. On Pinterest, the flower letter looks elegant and antique; however, mine looked more like a giant glob. I attempted to make a “W”, but there’s clearly not any identifiable shape.m3m4

Lastly I attempted to bake these adorable cookie bowls.

That looked somewhat promising, until it came time to take them off of the cupcake tray. First you have to make the cookie batter and as easy as that sounds, the mess is so incredible, part of me wanted to stop there… I continued and my result proved that I should’ve stopped while I was somewhat ahead. My final result is solemnly displayed below.m5

Although the numerous Pinterest “DIY’s” are both fun and the results can pay off in the end, more often than not, these projects bring stress and a disastrous messes.