Get Organized: Study strategies

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  • Note cards- Best for information that you have to know quickly. Recommended for vocabulary quizzes in English, Spanish, or other foreign languages you may be taking. Also good for making lists of activities you want to complete or to categorize assignments you have to turn in. Very easy to quiz yourself with, but equally effective in partners. They are light and can be kept on a binder ring so they are all in one place.
  • Foldables- Holds more information than note cards and organizes the content in a centralized location. Just as easy to quiz yourself independently, but if you study in a group it is hard to read the front panel while you are being quizzed by someone else. Easier to misplace than note cards because it is a single piece of paper. Recommended for science, because the terms have more detailed definitions and you usually have to know more about them.
  • Outlines- Beneficial for reading quizzes or when you have a chapter test in classes like science or history that require more reading. Color coordinating the chapter, section, subheading and notes with their own color helps to categorize the information. It gives you an easily navigable source where you can go to whatever sections you need to study the most.
  • Single Study Sheet- You can make this before a test where you write everything you know about the topic and organize it in a way that makes sense and is legible. On one side you can write down everything you know without any other resources and on the opposite side you write down the additional information that you could not remember or do not understand yet. This is best for last minute studying when you can test your knowledge and continue to learn at the same time.
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