Get Organized: Spotless school supplies

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One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to eliminate excess. Once a month I like to clean out binders, folders, my backpack, pencil case, and locker.

Staying organized with school supplies helps prevent items from becoming lost in messy folders or lockers. It is easier to flip to homework assignments or find pencils when they are in their correct location. Last year I lost my flash drive and was convinced that I left it in my laptop or a school computer, but it never showed up in any of those places. I spent the whole day convinced that I left it at home and would not be able to turn my assignment in, until I went through my backpack. It ended up being at the bottom of my backpack hidden under a crinkled flyer describing a PDQ fundraiser. To avoid those situations, I promised myself that I would stay more organized and be regimented about getting rid of clutter so I only have what is necessary.

At the beginning of this process it would never seize to amaze me how many useless pieces of paper I found crumpled up in the corner of my backpack, or on the bottom of my locker hidden behind text books. But after the first couple clean outs I made sure to decrease the amount of superfluous items I carried around to make cleaning out my things quicker each time. Going through your school supplies helps make your bag lighter, find items you might have lost and motivate you to stay neater so cleanup gets shorter every time you do it.

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