Club FLEX kicks off next week

For ninth grade traditional freshman, the year just got a little better.

On Wednesday, Nov 10, Club FLEX will officially kick off.

Freshmen who have no Ds or Fs are invited to take place in the event. The celebration will begin during fifth period and will end during seventh period on the early release day.

Assistant principal Harley Shaw said, “There will be a DJ and pizza for everyone.”

Club FLEX will take place in the cafeteria as an award for good grades during the first quarter.

Freshman Jon Sweet said, “It’s a very good way to help people get better grades.”

However not all freshmen share the same opinion. Rafael Vaca said, “It’s cool, I (would) enjoy it but I don’t have good enough grades.”

Some freshmen don’t think Club FLEX is a good idea at all. Freshman Francisco Lugo said, “It’s pointless, it’s boring, they’re just trying to teach people to be smart and it’s stupid.”

Whether Club FLEX is a good idea or not it’s bringing the freshman together and getting everyone acquainted with each other.