Don’t Drive Drunk

TPD warns HHS students about the dangers of drunk driving


Josephine Smith

drunk goggles that show what its like to be under the influence of alcohol.

Last Thursday, Aug. 25, the Tampa Police Department came to Coach Eychner’s classroom to teach the Drivers Ed students about the dangers of drunk driving. They showed real footage of the dangers that result from drunk driving and explained the amount of trouble driving under the influence can get you into during a slideshow in room 183. After that they went down to the driving range to give them a more hands on experience of the effects of alcohol and drugs when operating a vehicle.  

The officers brought goggles, a go-cart, mats and a fake wheel to help show what driving under the influence was like. There were two types of goggles, one simulated being under the influence of marijuana and the other simulated being drunk.  

“We have some special goggles, we call them marijuana goggles but obviously it’s not like being under the influence, what it does is change the perspective” Detective Joe Sustek said. The goggles change how you see and disorient you. Students who tried them struggled to walk in a straight line or balance properly. 

The go-cart demonstrated how you would drive under the influence. There are two modes to show how your reaction time would be different, normal and impaired. On impaired mode everything is delayed, when you stop it doesn’t just stop right away it stops 3 seconds later, same for turning. 

“When you have drugs or alcohol in your system your body is on delay” Sustek said.    

Not driving under the influence could save the drivers life and possibly that of other roadway users as well. This exercise may help the students to understand how dangerous drunk driving can be and how serious the consequences can be. “We save one life from every arrest with DUI” Sustek said.