Lucki Disappoints with “WAKE UP LUCKI”


Chicago’s underground veteran, Lucki, has recently teamed up with renowned Philadelphia producer, F1lthy, to drop a 12-song project titled “Wake up Lucki.” After gaining a following in 2013, the 25-year-old rapper has been building a cult fanbase since, Lucki hasn’t dropped a large body of work since 2020. In the time since he has dropped many small projects with only a handful of songs. 

Following a series of his latest songs gaining popularity and a few leaked tracks finding their way to streaming services, Lucki fans were ecstatic to when the opening single titled “NEPTUNE VS. INDUSTRY” released in late November. This opening gave listeners a great head-nodding track as Lucki rapped about his typical subject matter of cars and romantic problems, while also bragging about how a “rumor can’t finish him.” 

Lucki bringing his usual sedated rap style and catchy hooks matched well with F1lthy’s thumping 808’s. But the duo left more to be desired. Despite this theoretical match made in heaven “Wake up Lucki” disappointingly doesn’t match the precedent set by “NEPTUNE VS. INDUSTRY.” F1lty’s beat production is stellar, with a range of great beats that are all cohesive and fit well with the rest of the album – it’s Lucki’s performance that is lack luster. His vocals on some of the tracks are more nasally and strained than his traditional sedated and chill rapping style. On tracks like “Used 2 be,” “Needed” and “still miss ya,” he utilizes his strained singing style by elongating his lyrics. The effect of this is a difficult listen and creates some just plain bad songs.  

However, Lucki does deliver on tracks like “busy day” and “sparks vision.”  In these songs Lucki does revert to his relaxed but quick rapping style, that while not revolutionary or new for him, does result in some above average tracks when in collaboration with F1lthy’s production.  

The production of “Wake Up Lucki” is stylistically coherent and had potential for an all-time great Lucki album. But due to Lucki’s stylistic changes in his rapping style where he attempts a strained singing voice, many of the songs are a difficult listen. While there are some solid songs on this album, they aren’t different from other run of the mill songs he’s made in the past few years. This project as a whole doesn’t provide anything new and innovative in the way of Lucki’s music, and contrary to the title, you can probably sleep on this release.