Questions Answered: How will in-person school work?

Students will be returning to school on Monday with new procedures to keep students and staff safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Keep reading for information about the schools new procedures.



 The school board declared that students would participate in eLearning starting Aug. 24 and students who picked Brick and Mortar will start Aug. 31 following strict social distancing guidelines on campuses.  


Are masks mandatory? 

Face coverings are required upon entering campus. All staff members and students will be provided masks if needed. Face coverings such as face shields can only be worn if a mask is worn underneath.  


What if students don’t wear masks? 

Students who refuse to wear masks will be offered alternate education opportunities such as eLearning or Florida Virtual Learning. 


How will students social distance in the school hallways? 

Students will be encouraged to walk consistently on the right side of the hallways when exiting classrooms. As a reminder, posters and floor markings will be posted to aid students in social distancing. However, if a student’s class is in the opposite direction, crossing over is allowed under the requirement that the student is keeping 6 feet distance from others at all times.  


What will classrooms look like? 

Desks will be kept 6 feet apart from one another if the classroom size and number of students permits. Teachers with smaller classrooms have been directed to move furniture if necessary, to maximize space between desks. Hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes will be available for students to use and wipe down tables. To prevent close contact, students are encouraged to remain in their seats until class ends, only teachers will be able to move around the classroom to instruct.  


How will students social distance during lunch? 

Upon entering the cafeteria, students must enter using the south entrance, the double doors that faces the H-Patio, and when exiting, use the east doors leading out to the red carpet. Students may remove their masks when eating but other than that they must wear face coverings at all times. Seats at lunch tables are marked, if there isn’t a mark on a seat, students may occupy those seats, this is to prevent close contact at tables.  


A map of Hillsborough showing which way students will be directed to walk.