New quarterback subs in after injury

With quarterback Caleb Pierce out for three games, the football team has to continue working to make it to the playoffs. Jordaan Bailey took over as the starting quarterback

Bailey was a running back before Pierce got hurt, but with Pierce out, Bailey has to step up in the spotlight. He is confident in his abilities to take over as the quarterback with Pierce helping him learn the plays.
Even though the offense is changing, they are going to keep the same mindsets and mentalities. It’s the same but it’s different,” Bailey said.

“We don’t throw the ball as much anymore but we still do a lot of things to keep practices the same. My mindset is to stay focused, stay calm don’t think about it too much just go out there and play football,” Bailey said.

Though the team has confidence in their abilities it, still hurt the team Pierce was injured. “I knew when he took off his head buckle,” junior Pierre Bryant, the outside linebacker said. “[His arm] looked like a noodle and, in my head, it sucked because I knew we lost our starting quarterback.”

Bailey had his first game against Blake. The team won 33-0. Pierce felt he contributed even though he was not on the field he was excited to watch his team win.

“It feels really good,” Pierce said. “It feels like I coached up the other quarterbacks as well. I still help lead the team and coach up quarterbacks and other players. The team asks about me all the time, they take care of me all the time.”

The team has his back said free safety senior Zay “Rabbit” O’Neal. “I think we still gonna be straight. We got Jordaan at the QB he can throw it, and run, and he can run better than Caleb can.”

The players are just focusing on getting their bodies right. They all trust that Bailey can get the job done so they have to make sure they can back him up. “I prepare my body taking ice baths, doing yoga and watching film,” Marlon Tyler, the center said.

In order to win now they have to practice harder than they did before. Bailey has to adjust to the new situation so the offense can continue to be efficient and be a playoff threat.

The team talked about their chances of making the playoffs with the readjustment. “I feel good it’s going be the same thing as when Caleb plays,” junior Laregos Williams, the defensive end said. “It’s a new start.”

“The offense is going to change but the defense will just have to step up. We’ll make the playoffs with ease,” Jamari McGee (12), a linebacker said. “We won’t have a problem because we are going to run this table.”