Hillsborough defeats Jefferson 22-20

Hillsborough came away with a win last Friday night against Jefferson’s Dragons. Quarterback Caleb Pierce returned after his injury kept him out of the past few games. “Caleb, that’s my dog. It felt great out there having him back,” Emmill Romeo said.

The Terriers won the game 22-20, after pulling a game winning stop on defense, thanks to a series of penalties against the Dragons, putting them way out of field goal range in the final drive. The Terriers gave up three touchdowns to Jefferson’s offense.

Caleb Pierce, leading three touchdown drives as well, came into the game with a black cast wrapped around his left wrist. His hand motions weren’t irregular, and the injury didn’t cause him to turn the ball over, whether it was a botched snap or a QB sneak. “It’s great, the team is worse when I’m not out here and I’m happy to get a win too,” Caleb said.

Although Hillsborough’s offense put up the points, the defense was the cause of this win. The Terriers defense was aggressive and didn’t allow any JHS wide receivers to beat HHS cornerbacks off the mark. The Terriers defense didn’t allow many passing lanes in general, forcing Jefferson’s quarterback, Tre Simmons, to scramble many times, resulting in 95 rushing yards for the quarterback.

The win placed Hillsborough at the top of the district, with a 3-2 record. ” We played to our full potential,” Ah’xaviaus O’Neal said. “Caleb did everything right, step back, handoff throw the ball. It feels great. This was the game we’ve been waiting for, and we played it right.

By the first quarter, the Terriers were in the lead 15-8, as both teams scored touchdowns on their first drives. Hillsborough struck first, with a second and short, 2-yard touchdown run by Jordan Bailey, and converting the PAT kick attempt. But immediately afterwards, Jefferson scored a touchdown on the kick return, and converting the 2-point conversion, putting them in the lead, 7-8. Later in the quarter, the Terriers offense put up another touchdown after driving down the field, and, in the center of all the plays, was Caleb Pierce. The terriers then ‘went for 2’ on the PAT attempt. The attempt was a success and the Terriers were then in the lead 15-8, and thus came the end of the quarter.

In the second quarter, the only score was a touchdown from Jefferson’s Dragons, making the score 14-15. The Dragons attempted another 2-point conversion, but failed, as their running back, Andrew Ellis, came up just short of the line. This ended the half at 15-14, with the HHS terriers in the lead.

With the dragons down at the start of the second half, Jordaan Bailey made the score 14-22 with a touchdown rush to start the half off. The rest of the quarter was scoreless, as both defenses forced turnovers, not allowing any red zone entrances.

In the fourth quarter, with the Dragons down 24-14, the dragons drove down the field for a score, but couldn’t convert the 2- point conversion, keeping them from tying the game at 22-22. The Terriers went on to defeat the Dragons, after a series of foul calls called on the Jefferson’s offensive line, placing them out of field goal range.