Varsity volleyball wins against Freedom


Varsity girls won three sets out of four played against Freedom High School on Tuesday night at Hillsborough. This victory marked their fifth win of the season out of seven games overall.

After a loss of two set out of three for JV against Freedom, varsity came in hard, winning their first set 25-17. However, Freedom was not quick to accept defeat an won the second set with a close victory of 25-23. The third set brought a series of quick rallies and misses from Freedom, putting Hillsborough in the lead early. They kept this lead, winning the set by 11 points.

Going into the fourth set, Terriers saw their shot at victory and took it as applause and shouts of encouragement from the crowd grew louder and louder. The set was quick and definite as the Terriers took the lead by 13 points, winning the set 25-12 and sealing in their victory. Following the game, the players shook hands with each player on the opposing team.

“I feel pretty good,” captain Sheila Kratzer said, “We won like we should have although we didn’t play our best, and I think we can win the next one too.” Terriers will play again on Sept. 19 at Gaither.