Breaking down the key amendments and taxes on the ballot

Amendment 3

This would give citizens the right to decide on any plans to expand casino gambling in Florida. Under the current laws, the state Legislature has this power.

Amendment 4

This would restore the right to vote to former felons who have served their sentences, with the exception of those who have been convicted of crimes such as rape or murder.

Amendment 9

This amendment would outlaw offshore oil drilling in state-owned waters. It would also prohibit vaping indoors, like smoking is prohibited in public buildings now.

Amendment 13

A single issue amendment that proposes to end wagering on dog races by 2020. The Florida Greyhound Association has already sued to remove the amendment from the ballot.

Hillsborough School Tax

The Hillsborough County School Board proposed a half-cent sales tax increase. The proposed tax increase would be used for school maintenance like air conditioning and general campus restorations. An individual plan for each school was made available to the public in September.

Hillsborough Transportation Tax

A proposed one-cent tax increase that would benefit mass transit and road improvement projects in the county. The proposed goal of the tax increase is to make the entire transportation network faster for cars to get from point A to point B.