17 years later, teachers commemorate Sept. 11 tragedy

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In commemoration of the attack Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, teachers across the school incorporated videos and articles about the event into their classes to not only honor those who lost their life but to educate those who hadn’t been born before the event. Most students were born after the 2001 tragedy.

Some teachers recalled the event by recalling where they were and what the even meant to them. Lisa Sigmon was on a U.S. military base in Britain that day. “Looking back at the enlisted barracks, there were American flags all over the place,” Sigmon told one class. “It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” Much like today, Sigmon said society was very divided and the attacks were something that brought the American people together in a spirit of patriotism.

Another teacher, Monica Sleeter, told her classes she had been recently unemployed and was at home with her husband. She had been alerted to the event by her brother, who called her and said, “The world is ending, turn on your TV!” At that moment, both Sleeter and her husband were worrying about their daughter, Destiny, who had been dropped off at school that morning. Sleeter recounts how the traffic had been worse than rush hour, as everyone was rushing to get to their loved ones since the future was uncertain.

Journalism teacher Joe Humphrey showed multiple video clips, read an excerpt from a well-known essay called “The Falling Man” and shared newspapers from his pre-teaching career as a journalist in Jacksonville.

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