Seniors get sent to junior lot

On Monday morning, many seniors were told to park in the junior lot because they had not yet purchased their parking passes for the senior lot yet. This caused some students to be late and many were annoyed.

“I felt angry and irritated because I tried paying for a parking pass last week but Mr. Givens was never in his office,” senior Brinsley Hess said. “Having to move my car to the junior lot then walk to school from there took a lot of time, and I wasn’t able to get into school earlier enough to talk to a teacher which I had planned on doing today.”

“I think it wasn’t our fault, as Mr. Givens wasn’t really in the main office, so we really couldn’t get our parking passes for the senior lot,” senior Alex Boyankinsky said. “And it’s just an inconvenience that we shouldn’t have to go through. This morning, I was late to my first block because I had to walk a further distance than I usually do.”

Parking passes can be purchased from Assistant Principal Quasar Givens in student affairs for $20. Students need to have their proof of registration, proof of insurance, driver’s license, pictures or copies are acceptable. He is available for IB students during their homeroom and lunch and for traditional students, he is available 4th period and their lunch if they have their paperwork done. “The reality is, it usually takes 3 minutes to do a parking pass if they have all their paperwork,” Givens said.

“What tends to happen, in some cases is, just the other day, because I was stopping everybody in the parking lot who didn’t have a tag and I’ve been making announcements,” Givens said. “Their first thing was, ‘well I’m gon get it today’, well for today you park in the junior lot. And then you come to get it today and tomorrow you can park in the senior lot. But it’s not fair to those people who took the time that they needed to earlier on.”