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Mercy Ogunsola
Growing up Ogunsola had a difficult time finding herself because she was bullied by peers in elementary and middle school for her family’s background. She mentioned that her classmates treated her differently simply because she stood out. Her family immigrated from Nigeria, making her the first to be born in the United States, which later placed pressure on her shoulders to meet her family’s high expectations. Ogunsola is motivated to breakout of the mold that society has placed her in regarding her background and living environment. She takes pride in her family culture’s, traditions, and morals, which she hopes to pass onto her children in the futureOgunsola is currently a junior at Hillsborough High School with plans of attending FAMU for their nursing program, in hopes of becoming an ER nurseAcademically, she enjoys her language arts and reading classes more than the standard subjects taught. Ogunsola is also currently apart of Hillsborough High’s journalism team: writing features, profiles, and more seen in the newspaper and yearbook. She considers herself as an average student who often struggles with deadlines and tests, “my friends definitely help me balance my social and academic life” said Ogunsola. When Ogunsola isn’t studying, she enjoys listening to music as her escape from reality, Young Thug to be exact. “I just love who he is and everything he does,” said Ogunsola. Mercy Ogunsola strives to become a better person every day, approaching every situation with a smile and motivated to live her dream as an ER nurse residing in Canada.  

Mercy Ogunsola, Staff

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