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Eden Kay, Staff

Eden Kay is a freshman with big dreams and a variety of interests that create her diverse and compelling personality. Ever since her early youth, she’s had passions for law, politics, philosophy, reading and writing. These passions continued through her teenage years, creating a foundation for her ambitious career goals. Kay has been interested in journalism on her own for quite some time and took it up this year to follow her love of writing. She is a reporter and photographer for the Hillsborean, the Red & Black, and HHS Today. She also has hopes of becoming Editor-In-Chief of the staff and president of Hillsborough’s photography club in the future. Kay considers herself quite an opinionated individual with her base beliefs and finds solace in expressing her beliefs through the form of writing. She often finds herself in lengthy debates with others who are open to discussing their views. In her free time, Kay loves to crack open a good book. Some of her favorite genres are dystopian, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thriller, horror, crime, philosophy, and more. “I really enjoy concepts that deal with the perception of good and evil, the idea of justice, dystopian societies, witchcraft and the paranormal, the fundamental nature of our existence along with reality, suspenseful plots, psychological depth, morality, and just stuff like that,” said Kay. When she isn’t swamped with homework, studying, reading or writing, she enjoys listening to music and organizing her Spotify playlists. Despite her social anxiety and her background in home schooling, Kay is warm and inviting; she is open to creating new connections wherever she goes. “As an extrovert, I use my friends as a form of escapism because they make me disregard all my other problems in the world,” said Kay. Her enthusiasm in her passions has opened doors for her and created the overwhelming desire to set diligent goals for herself. She is an aspiring defense attorney, politician, author and journalist. One of Kay’s main goals is to bring justice to those who are innocent and allow rehabilitation to those of her clients which are guilty.

To keep up with Kay, follow her on: 

Instagram- @edenk_7 (main) and @edencaptured (photography); Snapchat- @edenk712; Twitter- @EdenKay6

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