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Senior Kylie Smith attacks Montgomery while she peacefully blows bubbles and does no harm.

Asher Montgomery, Co Editor In Chief

Junior Asher Montgomery, co Editor-In-Chief of the  yearbook and newspaper, lives a very busy life. She juggles her hobbies such as playing the guitar, rowing for the crew team, doing cross fit, reading and writing  along with leading the journalism program. 

 Montgomery started journalism in freshman year with the help of her dad, who was a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times at the time. She was able to skip Journalism 1 and got right into the groove of things. “At first I didn’t really know what I was getting into, but I started off slow, only writing one profile, and I worked myself up to the responsibilities that I have today,” Montgomery said.

  Montgomery only started yearbook at the end of her sophomore year when the journalism advisor announced that yearbook and newspaper would be merging, putting her, junior Carolina Tortorelli, and senior Kylie Smith in charge. Once she heard she was starting yearbook, she didn’t know much about it, but she immediately started taking classes and was able to learn more about it becoming more experienced.

Becoming Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook meant that she would be in charge of lots of new things, and she would be taking on lots of new responsibilities. According to Montgomery, to balance IB, journalism, yearbook, and her hobbies, she doesn’t procrastinate and utilizes her time.

While Montgomery hasn't decided if she wants to pursue journalism as a career, she definitely is looking forward to writing for a college newspaper. 

Profile by Ella Spokas 

To keep up with Montgomery follow her on: 

Instagram: @asher_montgomery

Twitter: @asherjmont

Spotify: happytreeclimberasher

All content by Asher Montgomery
Asher Montgomery

Asher Montgomery

May 11, 2020
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