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Samantha Votzke
Sports Editor Samantha Votzke has been on the Red and Black staff since her sophomore year. She is now in her junior year of the IB program.

Although she loves journalism, Votzke aims to one day work for the National Parks Department as a wildlife and forestry specialist. Glacier National Park is her workplace of choice, due to the abundance of her favorite animal, the majestic mountain goat.

In addition to working as a sports editor, Votzke is a junior captain of the swim and dive team, a layout editor of HELM (Hillsborough's Esthetic Literary Magazine), and a member of the student-run sketch comedy group On The Brink. She also dabbles in improv comedy.

 Much like her grandmother, Samantha Votzke enjoys reading, knitting, and watching a lot of television as hobbies. She is a recovering Netflix addict, and being a fan of the now-popular CW drama "Supernatural" since she was in fourth grade is a major point of pride for her. Packing her own lunch from the age of 11, having two older( and now very successful) brothers who have gone through the IB program, and being able to evenly paint the nails on her right hand are also things to which she claims bragging rights.

Samantha Votzke, Sports Editor

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