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Juliana Lechner
Juliana is a junior. When she isn't at school, or at her job scooping ice cream and listening to Sublime CD's, she's watching That 70's Show or old Family Guy reruns. You can spot her in the halls by looking for either an XL t-shirt with running shorts, or some outfit from Earthbound accompanied by too much hippie jewelry - it just depends on the day. She's loyal to Dunkin Donuts. If you see her without Dunkin, you probably shouldn't try to talk to her. Can be appeased by playing white girl rap, preferably Donald Glover (the Donald this country really deserves), or just pull her back into her emo phase with some Panic! at the Disco. See the highlights of her life on Twitter at @httpjuIiana or on Instagram at @j.ul.iana.

Juliana Lechner, Staff Writer

Aug 23, 2017
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Oct 06, 2016
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Dec 16, 2015
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