Showcasing their talent


From left to right, Dancerettes Julia Slater, Alexandra Thrower, Nicole Hernandez, Mahogany Coy, Claire Hamilton and Summer Huey perform “Beating Heart” at the Dancerette Showcase. | Photo by Katie Delk

From solo performances to group ensembles, the Dancerette Showcase displayed student talent in singing, dancing, acting and spoken word poetry.
Magdalie Mexile and Odessa Churchill showcased their hip-hop talent and Bollywood members Shreya Dundigalla, Mexile, Eduuy McCook and Churchill also performed a routine.
In addition to this, Maria Cisneros sang and Denzel Pierre performed an original poetry piece. Speech and Debate siblings Hugh and Tiffany Nguyen performed their duo interpretation, enabling the Dancerette Showcase to display a wide variety of talent at Hillsborough that inspired audience members.
According to sophomore Kat Bowers, the performance was “lit” and “[her] expectations were pretty high and they met it.”
The Dancerette Showcase enables the team to convey their love for dance. Team captain Summer Huey said “it’s great to be in front of encouraging people, just doing what I love.”
The team’s passion was evident in their performance; junior Diego Suazo said that as an audience member, he was “entertained the whole time.”
With several upcoming competitions and performances, this showcase prepared the girls for the challenges ahead. According to Huey, the competition season is “a whole different ball game.”
“[They] are serious and we are criticized by judges,” she said.
The showcase allows them to practice for future competitions. “[The showcase] gives us a confidence boost doing the routines in front of parents and friends and is just fun and helps us to grow,” said junior Olivia Lane.
And growth is key — Huey said that as captain, she wants “to see these girls grow as dancers, friends and people.”
But joining the team can, at first, be a frightening experience. When Khloe Dang joined the team as a freshman, she said the experience was “a little scary because I wasn’t used to the fast pace of the team, and how to balance dance with school.”
However, the dancers soon embraced Dang as they all became a family. “I was able to meet so many hardworking and sweet girls,” she said. “It definitely taught me to develop teamwork and cooperation skills.”
The camaraderie extends past practice time. Junior Nicole Hernandez, laughing, explained that the girls make funny faces at each other in the halls. With a grin, Lane added, “Being part of the dance team has changed my high school experience. It has helped me gain confidence and create a diverse group of friends I never would have met otherwise.”
For Huey especially, being a Dancerette has altered her high school experience. She has been on the team for four years and describes it as a “family.”
“It has made every minute of high school fun. Sometimes momma bear comes out, but I love being the captain to support and encourage the team I love as sisters.”