Dancing into next year


Jorge Garcia

The incoming and returning Dancerettes pose for a group picture with their coach.

With ears pressed against the gym’s double doors, a few hopeful Dancerettes try to listen in on the conversation going on inside. Meanwhile, inside the gym doors three girls are standing before a panel of judges preparing to perform a routine to Dua Lipa’s “Blow your mind,” in an attempt to land a spot on the 2018-2019 Dancerette team.
This year the Dancerettes held tryouts from April 17 to 19. On the first day of tryouts, 24 girls came out to audition, where they were told to practice their across the floor leaps and kicks.
However, the Dancerette coach Danielle Reid cut the number of girls down to 20 for the second day of tryouts where they practiced their 8 counts and freestyling. The girls practiced in front of a group of judges who observed them as they danced. According to Reid, the judges looked for specific qualities in the girls who tried out.
“I always look to see if they have a basic dance technique,” Reid said. “They should have decent foundation of jazz and ballet for turns and leaps.”
On the third day of tryouts, the girls auditioning got into groups of three and performed before the judges while the rest of the girls waited outside the gym. After all the girls had auditioned, the results with the final team members for next year were posted on the gym doors. Outgoing senior Emily Quin had a few words of encouragement and advice for those who did not see their name on that list.
“If this is something you really want then take a dance class this year,” she said. “You will see so much improvement.”
Out of 24 original girls that auditioned, only 15 made the team. The girls who made the team lined up in single file and each received a sash from an outgoing senior who congratulated and welcomed them to the team. The Dancerette Captain and Co-Captain were also named that night.
Junior Melia Palamino was chosen as Captain with Junior Khloe Dang as Co-Captain.
“I’m so excited, I feel like all my hard work these four years has paid off,” Palomino said. “Next year, I want to definitely make sure all our dances are really clean and do a lot more team bonding so we can all get closer as a team.”