Welcome to the Hillsborough High School dojo

After starting in neutral position, Antonio Watkins sprawls to block the opponents shot. His favorite position is called the twister. “It’s unexpected and if done right leaves the opponent confused and already on their back,” he said. In order to successfully execute the twister you have to have your chest on the back of your opponent’s head with their left arm stretched to their opposite side and forward roll with their left side while grabbing the inside of their left leg and roll them to their back.
Nick Suarez starts to move to the side of his opponent so that he can prevent him from moving while he pins him. Before a match, Suarez warms up his by stance jumping and keeping his mind relaxed. “I also make a game plan for the first few seconds of the match so I don’t go onto the mat with my mind on something else,” he said. “After that, it’s all instinct.”
The 132 pound weight class competitor Justus Holt is breaking down his opponent in order to pin him. “Winning feels like going down a water slide on a nice hot day,” he said.
While working to the outside of his opponent, Elijah Bigos plans in his head what his takedown is going to be. “I read whatever move they decide to use,” he said. “I think to myself ‘if they do this I’m going to do that.’”