Terriers defeat Red Devils 71-51 in regional quarterfinals

The Hillsborough Terriers won 71-51 against the Kathleen High Red Devils last Thursday in the regional quarterfinals. After a rough first half, Hillsborough came out in the second half and took control of the game. The Terriers have a home game tonight and are pushing their hardest to qualify for states.

The team gained momentum from the win and plans to use this to push forward. “It was a big win and a big confidence booster going into our next game,” senior Tyriq James said. “Next game we still have to go out there and compete, [so] it won’t be easy because they are not going to give us anything.”

Coach Ward said that they will continue to practice the same. “It felt good to win. Where we are going depends on how we practice,” Ward said.  “These guys have been here before and we will see how they respond.”

Going into the regional semifinals is a big deal for the Terriers, and they want to make sure they can take control of the game from the start. “The first half was kind of rough,” junior Kevin John said. “We have to play like we did in the second half all the time, and if we do, there should be no problem going to states.”

The bond the team shares grows with each win, and learning from their mistakes is a major focus of the team. “Winning with this team is like winning with a family,” senior Howard Fleming said. “We learned that we got to keep going. We can’t stop [and] we can’t give up. We just have to keep putting more effort into the game.”

Players don’t want to let each other down. “It is important to just be there for my team on the offensive and defensive end,” sophomore Justin Anderson said. “The goal is states, and we just have to keep pushing.”

“It feels good to have the home court advantage next game,” junior Jaylen Harris said. “We are in our own realm and will have more energy coming out of the locker room.”