Point guards lead team to victory

Every position on the court is valuable. Each player has his or her own role on the team and is relied on heavily by their teammates. One of the most important positions is the point guard,  who is relied on to run the play and look for open teammates to try to win games.

Point guard, junior Jalen Harris, makes sure he prepares for his games by having a working friendship with his teammates and staying aware of his surroundings. “I see what the defense is doing and the people around me,” Harris said. “I also see who is open and how I’m going to get to the basket.” 

According to freshman Tyra Kennedy, it is important to practice and play games with a postive mindset.  “My mindset going into games is to stay focused and play hard,” Kennedy said. “It is important to give a lot of effort no matter what happens.”

It does not matter whether the game is home or away to the Terrier point guards. “It does not matter at all,” Kennedy said. “We should still be able to go out there and play our game.”

Even when games are difficult, it is the job of the point guards to make an impact on the game and stay observant. “When we play our hard opponents, I see a bunch of tall 6-(foot)-8 dudes that can shoot threes and block shots,” Harris said. “I still have to take care of the ball and just work harder.” The point guards are responsible for visualizing what the team’s next move needs to be. 

What happens around the court and what the point guards can see might lead to mistakes. That is why the players try to focus on the game as much as possible. “I’m really focused on the game,” Kennedy said.  “I really don’t worry about the crowd what they are doing does not affect how I play my game.”