Basketball team celebrates senior night


Tammy Nguyen

Senior Howard Fleming plays his final home game of his high school career.

Senior night is a ceremony where seniors are commended as they play their last home of their high school career. For the Terrier basketball team, it was Jan. 31. Friends and family members cheered them on in the stands while they played against Riverview High School.

The games ended with girls’ team getting defeated 51-26 and the boys’ team winning 55-40. “Tonight was amazing and it was the best game I played with these boys, and I’m gonna miss them,” senior Howard Fleming said. “Its sad, but its [the other boys’] time to step up,” senior Emmill Romeo said.

“Our size doesn’t matter but the amount of work we put in,” senior Sandra Onyebueke said. “Senior night is very special, but it’s kind of hard being the only senior because you see how the team grows and then you have to leave them,” she said.