Hillsborough defeats King in high-scoring game


For the Hillsborough varsity basketball team, a well-deserved victory was in order. Besides the first quarter, when the Terriers were down 12-10, they dominated on the offensive side of the ball, with the final score becoming 69-55. Their defense was imperfect, but the team held up on both sides of the ball.

The players knew that there were some things that did go wrong, but they were able to overcome it. “I could’ve definitely done better,” sophomore Justin Anderson said. “I need to do more on the defensive half [but] I felt like we did a really good job of facilitating the ball, and we were able to get rebounds well too,” he said.

Senior and starting center Howard Fleming felt the game wasn’t great for him either. “I felt like it was one of my best and worst games at the same time,” he said. “I could’ve done better on getting rebounds, however, I felt as the game moved on, we started getting more comfortable shots and started making better passes.”

After a dominant fourth quarter in which Hillsborough outscored the Lions 21-12, the Terriers were able to achieve a win, pushing their record to 14-5 and keeping them undefeated within their own division.

“We still have to bring energy and effort, as if it were a regular home game,” Anderson said. “The crowd may be biased towards King, but that still means we have to play our hardest.”