Hillsborough defeats Bloomingdale 57-38

The Terriers are off to a strong start this basketball season. They are 12-4 and are 7-0 in district play after a 57-38 win against Bloomingdale last Friday. The game against Bloomingdale heightened the players confidence in the team but left the coach searching for answers.

The team was very successful with Tyriq James having a huge part in the win. He scored 23 points and also scored his 1000th point as a terrier. “It felt good to get 1000 points,” James said. “I’m happy I got it and thankful for my teammates. I think I can go all the way to the top; there is no down from here.”

The team brought confidence back into the players. “It was good to win tonight,” James said. “We were in a drought and needed this win.”

The teamwork the Terriers displayed led players to have more faith in the team. “I feel like as a team we [meshed] better than we did last game,” Cantia Rahming said. “I think we have a good chance in competing in districts this year and winning our fifth title, [but] to do that we have to make sure to hold each other accountable on and off the court.”

Although the players were excited with the win, coach Chris Ward wasn’t thrilled.  He said that the win against Bloomingdale was like a double-edged sword. “The thing about this game is we made it harder than we should have,” Ward said. “I’m not happy with wins like this. We worked too hard.”

Ward has no clue what the future will hold for the Terriers. “I’m going to be just as surprised as you are,” Ward said. “If we work hard and do what we are capable of doing, we will be one of the last teams playing in Hillsborough County. If we continue to be undisciplined and selfish, and have no intensity or sense of urgency, we will be out early.”