Boys basketball team wins district title

The team plays Thursday night at home

Bryce Moragne helps Dexter Stallworth up after he got fouled. “Whenever anyone from our team is on the ground we all rush over to help them up.” Stallworth said.

The boys basketball team took the title of district champions on Friday with a 47-45 win against Armwood, qualifying them for regionals this week.

Junior team co-captain Dexter Stallworth said, “[The win] feels great, we played great as a team and everybody was at their best, so that’s all we can ask for.”

Many of his teammates had similar feelings. Junior Bryce Moragne added, “We’ve been working all season, competing in every game and we finally got what we wanted,” he said. “It felt real good.”

The energy throughout the entire gym was exciting, never lacking on the bench. Senior Desmond Johnson and sophomores Jeremiah Baker and Myles Cowart enthusiastically cheered on their fellow teammates.

Baker said, “We got to keep our players hype on the floor so they continue to keep the momentum.” Cowart added, “I was hyped up for my teammate cause he made a good play and we were beating them and I knew we had it in the bag.”

It was the team’s first title since 2009. Assistant coach Orlando Goodwin said, “Actually we hadn’t won a district tournament game until this year since 2009, so yeah that’s a big accomplishment.”

Senior Sherwood Daymond finished the night with his huddle speech, “Yo fellas this is all we worked for all year let’s go out here and take what’s ours, man. We worked too hard for this, we did too many 10s and 60s, we did too many sprints, too many suicides to come out here and let them out work us. Let’s go fellas, Family on three, Family on three…”

The team plays Mitchell at 7 p.m. Thursday at home.