Robinson tops girls softball 14-0

Anticipating the crack of the ball, Lady Terrier Shania Walker inches off the base.

The girl’s softball team fell short against Robinson on Feb. 14. In a total of five innings, the Lady Terriers lost 14-0 in the first game of the season.

“There was an opportunity for these girls to fold tonight,” Coach Jimmy Sapp said. “But they didn’t.” A little disappointed by the loss, the Terriers congratulated the opposing team on the win and strode off the field with heads held high.

Out of softball tradition, the game ball went to the strongest player of the night, pitcher Jade Mention. “She stuck in there, she didn’t get mad. She fought,” Sapp said.

Robinson has a softball team of honorable mention, one among the top 25 in the state. Pitcher Cassidy Renninger pitched a series of strikes against Hillsborough’s softball team.