Terriers win district title against King

The Terriers left Friday night’s game as district champions, but celebrations were nowhere to be seen. Bad blood between Hillsborough and King led to poor sportsmanship and numerous penalties that ultimately caused the referees to call the game in the third quarter.

Hillsborough took control of the game from the start, winning 22-0. It was raining throughout the whole game, but that didn’t affect the team’s performance. “It feels good,” Jordaan Bailey said. “I give everything to my lineman [and] they blocked for me tonight and did a good job.”

King couldn’t win so they tried their best to make us beat up on ourselves and get players suspended. Coach Sipp saw right through this. “We [are] going to the playoffs,” Sipp said to his team. “Don’t say one word you understand me. We don’t need anyone getting suspended.”

Despite becoming district champions, Hillsborough players left frustrated. “They play dirty,” Laregos Williams said. “All they tried to do was make us lose our composure. They pulled my face mask and punched my stomach.”

The players believed the game ended because of fighting. The team believes that King wanted a say in Hillsborough’s demise even though they failed to get any of the team’s players suspended. “King knew they weren’t going to the playoffs,” Demarion Hopkins said. “When a team knows they aren’t going to the playoffs and your team is, they are going to try and sabotage you and take your best players away.”

“We got stuff to lose and they don’t so they tried to take it from us,” Bailey said.