Hillsborough loses to Steinbrenner 29-15

Hillsborough had its second loss of the season against Steinbrenner during its homecoming game. The Terriers were defeated 29-15 at the away game.

The game started off close with Steinbrenner scoring a touchdown but missing the extra point, and Terriers answering with a touchdown and extra point of their own. In the second quarter, Terriers took lead with a touchdown but missed the extra point. By half time, Steinbrenner had scored another touchdown and field goal, making the score 15-13.

At the start of the third quarter, Terriers were down to Steinbrenner at 15-13. After Steinbrenner recovered five fumbles and intercepted three catches, in a total of eight turnovers, Hillsborough was not able to catch up, losing the game 29-15.

“I thought we were going to beat them,” quarterback Jordan Bailey said. “They’re a good team, but they’re not what everybody said they were. We made too many minor mistakes.”

“I feel that we should have won,” offensive lineman Emmill Romeo said. “We had a lot of turnovers, but we had a lot of injuries too and if we had our star quarterback, I think we should have won. The only way is up [to the] state championship.”