Terriers take a loss to Tampa Bay Tech final score 37-7

Hillsborough suffered its first loss of the season against Tampa Bay Tech on Saturday night. The final score was 37-7.

TBT immediately scored on a third down play in the first quarter to take a 7-0 lead. The Titans scored 10 more before halftime to take a 17-0 lead.

With quarterback Caleb Pierce knocked out of the game with a wrist injury, No. 7 Jordaan Bailey scored the Terriers’ first touchdown, making the score 17-7. The Terriers (1-1), however, were not able to stop TBT’s offense, which went on to score 20 more points to make the game 37-7.

Players said they were disappointed but also motivated to work harder and win the next game (Friday at Blake).

“We just needed more work, this isn’t going to affect the next game we lost, everybody loses it’s all good,” said Keshawn Davila.

“We played terrible, but we’re going to bounce back and next game we’re going to win for sure,” said Isaiah Center.

“I have no words it’s just crazy, but we’re going to bounce back like always because that is just what we do. This won’t affect the next game,” said #52 Marlon Tyler.

The game was rescheduled to Saturday due to school days and practices missed because of Hurricane Dorian. Due to the schedule change, HHS did not have a band or cheerleaders for the game.