New Rules for Football

With the first football game of the season coming up this Friday, the school district has created rules in an attempt to keep students, athletes, coaches and spectators safe.  

Each player, as well as cheerleaders and band members, are given four tickets that they can use to invite family or friends. Once invited the attendee can purchase a ticket. While this will make for a smaller student section than normal safety comes first.

 Masks should be worn the whole time and spectators may only be seated in sections that don’t contain X’s to ensure social distancing.

 The team will warm up in an area between the end line and the 45-yard on the side of the field. The visiting team will not be permitted to use locker rooms during warm ups and half time. 

Referees are not allowed to touch the ball even between plays. Ref’s can only instruct the players on where to put it, this adds a little extra time in-between plays. 

Tackling amongst players should be kept to a minimum to avoid close face to face contact.

Head coach, Coach Earl Garcia, was informed before the football season about the new procedures during the games.

From what I’ve been told, players must avoid any contact with the ball until the game starts,” Garcia said. “What I really do know is that not a lot of people will be coming this season.”

In these unprecedented times, Covid-19 continues to affect the way things are done this school year.