Volleyball team wins three games this week

During varsity’s first game against Middleton, the girls save the ball as it falls to the ground after a hit from the opponent team.

After a long summer and over five weeks of conditioning and practice, the volleyball team has a strong start to the new season with three wins.

Shortly after tryouts, the volleyball girls faced a busy week with multiple games, but were able to overcome the challenge. Because of the postponed start of the school year, the sports season was shortened, and more matches were scheduled per week to compensate for the lost time. 

The first game was at home against Middleton High School, on Sep. 8. After JV’s victory in only two sets, the varsity team came in strong, winning all three sets with the scores of 25-10, 25-14, and 25-11 respectively.

The second game was at Alonso High School, with only a day break to practice after the first one. Both JV and varsity had a harder match against Alonso, but were able to succeed. Varsity won 3-1 sets, losing the second one. The scores were 25-11, 20-25, 25-14, and 26-24. 

The last game of the week was at Freedom High School the next day. On Sep. 11, JV lost two sets to Freedom. However, Varsity was able to easily beat their opponent 3-0, with the scores 25-7, 25-11, and 25-7.

“Obviously it’s different this year, especially with covid, but we’re all trying to push past it together. Having three games in one week was a little hard especially when I don’t get home until 11 but it’s worth it because I love playing with my team. We have much bigger games to look forward to and I’m so excited to see our results,” junior Malaina Dickey said. She has been playing as an outside hitter for the Hillsborough volleyball for two years, and is now trying different positions on her third year, under the new coaching of Gabrielle Sundquist.