Rifle team shoots for a good competition season


The rifle team steps up practice during competition weeks. Usually, the team only practices on Tuesday and Thursday. Before a competition, they can be found practicing every day.

The competitions have three shooting positions: prone, standing and kneeling. It is the captain’s job to make sure everybody is getting prepared. “What I do is I do it exactly like competition,” junior and captain Zoë Sleeter said. “I time it so you have five minutes for practice and 10 minutes per station. I check where they’re hitting and try and help adjust.”

The team allows members to join after taking a simple test. New members gain experience by watching the more experienced team members. “The first time I shot on the team I had no idea what I was doing,” Franchesca Santos said. “Sleeter tried to boost my confidence. I don’t hear anything. All I see is a small hole and my target. I am just focusing on breathing in and out.”

The team is even adaptable to different circumstances. Every practice is held at the range. “Our first competition was at Middleton,” Sleeter said. It was indoors in the auditorium. It was kind of weird but we still had a good experience.”