Terriers lose their second game of the season against Plant City

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The Terriers faced off against Plant City Friday night and lost 17-7. The first quarter was a back and forth of drives between both teams with interceptions and fumbles. No one could put the ball in the end zone, the defensive battle was a big part of the first quarter.

No one would score until the second quarter until Terriers running back Dontae Hopkins, ran 28 yards for a touchdown. Plant City would try to score before the end of the first half but the Terriers would get a big stop on the goal line with no time remaining, to hold a 7-0 lead.

During the third quarter, Plant City controlled the ball most of the time and stopped the Terriers from scoring any points. Plant City scored a touchdown and scored a field goal, making the score 10-7.

The fourth quarter is when Plant City would take the game with big stops on third down and make the Terriers punt the ball or force a turnover. Plant City kept the chains moving with big plays and continued to get firsts downs. Plant City would score another touchdown and stop the Terriers from scoring any points for two full quarters, ending with the final score being 17-7.

Hillsborough now is 0-2 with losses to both Plant and Plant City. The Terriers are off this week but host Blake on Friday, Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

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