Flag football loses 25-0 against Blake in first game

In its first game of the season, Hillsborough lost 25-0 against Blake.

In the first quarter, Blake scored a touchdown but did not receive the extra point, leaving Hillsborough down 6-0.

By halftime, Blake had rushed for another touchdown and gotten the extra point, leading the score 13-0.

During the next quarter, Blake rushed for another touchdown but did not get the extra point.

In the fourth quarter, Blake received another touchdown and missed the extra point, beating Hillsborough 25-0.

“We’ve just been practicing for two weeks and that was it, but I feel like if we actually start coming in more and we get more girls out here we can do a lot better,” junior Emily Oliver said.

Since last year’s tough season, Coach Alexander Perry has joined the team’s coaching staff. The team is mostly filled with girls new to flag football this year as well. “We started basically with a brand new team with only about three or four returners, so we’ve been building our offense and defense from the ground up,” junior Michie Guzman said.

Although the team has a few less girls than it did last year, Perry believes the team makes up for the smaller number. “The work ethic and the enthusiasm [are] there and I believe that is what will take us over the top,” Perry said. Because of the smaller team size, the team’s offense and defense have most of the same people playing in each.

“It was tough tonight for our first go-around, but we have a lot that we can build off of, and when you’re at rock bottom [the] only way is to go up,” Perry said.

The team’s next game is Thursday, March 8 at Hillsborough against Chamberlain.