Hillsborough Terriers defeat the Mainland Buccaneers in the Regional finals

Hillsborough defeated the Mainland Buccaneers in Friday nights Regional finals, 53-49. Junior Christian DeLeon leads the Terriers with an average of 12.1 points per game.

Senior Myles Cowart reflected on how their game went overall, he noted some positives and negatives, “We were hitting free throws and three pointers while playing hard”. Even though they won Cowart saw some flaws in how they were playing overall, “we turned the ball over way too much and they got too many offensive rebounds.”

For many like Kenric Montgomery Jr. , Myles Cowart and Armani Williams, this is their last season of High school basketball.

“It will be the first time going time going to states since the 1990’s” Cowart said. The one thing Cowart said he would be looking forward to was, “Playing in Lakeland with all my teammates.”

For senior Armani Williams, he claimed “We (the team) are ready for the next game.”

Next Friday, March 9, at 10 a.m. the team will play the Choctawhatchee Indians in Lakeland for the states semi-finals game.

This will be the first time going to states since the 90’s.