Swim captains make waves

The swim and dive teams appoint an atypical amount of leaders each year.

It all started with one email.

“Wow Katie,” Jay Vickers wrote. “Literally I am just blown away with the quality of your email. Great use of humor, bullet points, and a light writing style. You nailed it.”

One innocuous email.

But it didn’t take long for Jay Vickers, father and biggest fan of senior swim captain Katie Vickers, to realize his mistake.

He had sent the email to the entire 97-person swim email chain.

Katie Vickers is one of six appointed swim and dive team captains this year. Coach Tom Paloumpis appointed two seniors and four juniors to the position, in order to divide up the work associated with leading a team of over 40 people.

The captains oversee everything from ordering the swim sui

ts and merchandise, to holding fundraisers and organizing team events.

Building a team

This year’s swim oligarchs have formed plenty of inside jokes with each other and the rest of the team in the few weeks of swim since August.

“The number of funny moments we’ve had is the domain of  10,” jokes junior captain Tim Cui.

“We all think Grey’s the funny one, but Tim’s a sleeper over here,” Vickers adds in.

The captains have worked to have a strong bond, as they felt last year’s captains lacked in communication skills and want to improve the team.

“We weren’t as much as a unified group last year. This year is everything we dreamed it could be,” Vickers says.

“Yeah, this year we’re all closer, with each other and as a team,” fellow senior captain Serena Jonas finished.

With the added captains, things are changing with the team.

“I’d consider us to have a family dynamic this year and much more communication compared to last year,” junior captain Ethan Pham said.

The selection process

Having such a high number of captains isn’t new to the team, as each year the number seems to increase.

“P has this thing about wanting as many captains as possible,” junior captain Morgan Bott joked.

At the end of each season, Paloumpis recommends a few teammates that he believes would be a good captain for the next school year.

Then at the captain’s meeting, the current year captains make the final decision of who should be the captains for the upcoming year.

The new captains are later announced at the swim banquet.

Only seniors and juniors are eligible to be a captain. The senior captains train and prepare the junior captains for running the team the following year.

“It’s great watching all the wonderful people we chose to be junior captains this year,” Vickers says. “They actually step up and make Serena and I feel confident leaving the team with them.”

“I love having senior captains this year to look up to,” junior captain Madeline Rawls said. “It’s going to be an honor to follow in their footsteps.”