Cross Country starts the year with fresh runners and high potential

The cross-country team had a successful meet Saturday morning, with two team members beating their personal records. The team ran a distance of 5k at Brandon High School with the course consisting of two laps around the school.

Each member had the finish line in mind and worked to pace themselves so that they could complete the race with a good time. As they reached the finish line, they gained energy.

“When I saw the finish line I had a lot of adrenaline so I sprinted really fast and the muscles in my stomach were tightening,” said Asia Elbooz “I felt so nauseous at the end.”

Two members of the boys’ varsity team stood out among the others. William Andrews and Adrian Arano both beat their personal records. William Andrews beat his personal record with a time of 27:48. “I felt a little embarrassed out there because there were a couple kids beating me there in the beginning,” Andrews said, “But it’s not about how you start it’s about how you finish.”

Adrian Arano was the first Hillsborough boy to cross the finish line and was able to beat his personal record with a time of 20:26. “For the next race, I want to pass people that pass me and practice running more because since I do track I usually only sprint,” said Arano.

The next cross-country meet will be at Simmons Park, Saturday, Oct. 7 at 7:00 am.